Every ICF manufacturer says their ICF Block is the Best, interesting then that Stronghold was born from many years of frustrating ICF construction experience on job-sites, trying to make other ICF brands work how they should. The Stronghold ICF block was specifically designed to benefit from this knowledge & put it to good use, a philosophy embraced by some of the highest quality ICF molders in North America. Knowing the quality of ICF block required to build straight concrete walls without gaps, bulges, blowouts, or the huge amount of time & extra money typically spent on wood strapping & screws is what makes Stronghold ICF confidently different.

Stronghold ICF was designed & developed to build Straight, Trouble-free walls - Helping Contractors to have the confidence to Build their Business with ICF.

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Inside the Logix Insulated Concrete Form

Why choose Stronghold ICF's over other brands?

  • Robust Reversible Interlock
  • Webs that lock together every 8" vertically
  • Continuous 1.5" wide webs, plastic on plastic
  • Vertical cut lines on the blocks that are really 1" apart
  • Rebar holders that allow for a contact splice and grip the bars
  • Rebar holders that allow up to #7 bar or 20mm
  • Corners with 2 diagonal webs that lock with webs at both ends
  • Fixed blocks 6" & 8"
  • KD foldable 4", 10", and 12" (coming soon!)
  • Laminated internal drainage planes in the KD foldable block
  • Internal standing seam support
  • Bottoms of skids have plastic skid sheet
  • Extra long corner blocks
  • Corners with 2 heavy horizontal fastening straps
  • Radius inside corners or square inside corners
  • 4 vertical fastening webs at all corners
  • 2.75" foam panels, 1.5lb density
  • 4" tall height adjusters with webs that lock, can have center webs
  • 8" tall half height blocks with adjustable center webs
  • 12" tall 3/4 height blocks with adjustable center webs
  • Extra corner insurance, horizontal bands for strength
  • KD foldable blocks with electrical chases 16" oc
  • Horizontal cut lines 1' apart
  • Custom horizontal zip ties that fit through the webs
  • Tops of bundles are covered with cardboard

Key Benefits


Highly Energy Efficient

The foam in Stronghold walls insulation performs like a R-24. This exceptionally high R-value, along with high thermal mass and reduced air infiltration, allow Stonghold walls to deliver significantly higher performance levels.


Strength and Safety

Stronghold buildings are up to 8.5 times stronger than conventionally framed buildings. As a result, St walls are much better able to withstand severe weather such as hurricanes and tornados. 


Superior Sound Insulation

Stronghold walls offer you a quieter, more tranquil interior environment. Loud noises outside a Stronghold building will be reduced to a whisper inside the building.


Highly Moisture Resistant

ICF walls don't need an extra vapor barrier. For below-grade applications, Stronghold provides a waterproofing system that ensures a comfortably dry basement. Improved air quality is another benefit as Stronghold eliminates the studs and cavities that can hold moisture and foster mold and mildew growth.


Environmentally Friendly

Buildings constructed with Stronghold are designed to last for centuries, not decades. Stronghold ICF walls conserve precious natural forest resources and their energy efficiency reduces fuel consumption. The use of Stronghold promotes sustainable, green building practices, and is an investment in the future.

Stronghold Insulated Concrete Blocks