Fraco Concrete Products for Masonry Accessories

Bulk Material


Mason Sand – fine sand for making mortar

2NS Sand – coarse sand for pavers base or making concrete

Birdseye – 3/8" crushed granite

#67 Rock – 1/2" to 3/4" washed rock for landscape or drainage

22A Road Gravel – gravel, sand, and clay hard packed together

Top Soil – used for landscaping

Bulk Material Gallery

Bulk Material - Sand, Rock, Top Soil and More in Marquette, MI

  • Concrete Repair

    Polymer-modified, cementitious repair products and broomable overlays.

    Contact FRACO for more information.

  • Waterproofing

    TAMOSEAL is a cement based, polymer modified material designed to waterproof concrete and masonry.

  • Masonry Mortar & Cement

    • Type N, M, and S mortar 70# bag
    • Portalnd Cement 94# Bag
    • Lafarge and Quickrete Products
  • Pre Mix Mortar & Concrete 80# Bags Quickrete

    • Just add water re-blended mortar.
    • Use for laying brick and block.
    • Pre mix concrete ideal for pouring concrete posts.
  • Pre-Cast Pole Barn Block

    Perfect as bases for pole buildings, horse barns, decks, sheds, free-standing signs, and other small buildings.

  • Pre-Cast Deck Block

    Deck blocks are a great way to create an instant deck or simple foundation.

  • Pre-Cast 2'2'x4' RM Block

    Great for retaining walls, salt bins or domes, mulch or top soil bins, security barriers.

  • Anchor Bolts & Straps

    An anchor bolt is used to attach objects or structures to concrete. Foundation straps are designed to anchor wood framing to concrete.

  • Polylok Drain Accessories

    Floor drains and drain tile – modular design with interlocking components to enable quick and easy connections.

  • Masonry Tools

    Fraco offers a full line of professional Masonry tools & brushes from Marshalltown & Mason Pro.

  • Cleaners

    • Brick cleaners
    • Concrete cleaners
    • Block cleaners
    • Stone cleaners
  • Sealers

    • Tamms/Certivex/Euclid
    • Water-based
    • Solvent-based
    • Cure and Seal
    • Color Enhancing
    • Clear Coating
  • Paver Bond

    SRW Adhesive is the strongest adhesive of its kind. It is formulated for retaining walls, pavers, block, masonry, concrete, aluminum, steel and most common landscaping materials.

  • Glass Block